We create a 3D model from drawings, sketches, photos and schemes.

Application areas
  • Creation of 3D copies of real objects or fancy 3D models in programs
  • Animation of created objects
  • Development of promotional videos
  • Script writing for future videos according to your wishes
  • High quality material for the company's presentation
Scan and creation of 3D models of any objects. Preparation of images for further use in VR\AR
— Creation of real object models by 3D scanning

— 3D model animation capability

— Beneficial presentation of your products

— Use of layouts in other digital and software tasks

— 3D model presentation in AR
Application areas
Advantages of 3D models
  • Realistically convey the anatomy of the character and copies of any objects
  • Help you better visualize your future project in reality
  • 3D technology allows you to see the model from all angles and eliminate flaws in the process of its creation.
  • Ability to animate any 3D objects
  • 3D modeling, visualization and animation of objects take the central place in the implementation of many business projects.
  • Creating 3D models takes less time than producing them: save time and resources at the design stage, which speeds up the implementation process.